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tv   KRON 4 News at 430pm  KRON  May 11, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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police officer johannes mehserle is likely to walk out a free man and about 30 days. he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after he claimed the accidently shot and killed 22 year-old oscar grant at the bart station in 2009. it chairs down as following the story and talking with the grant family members. >>j.r.stone: family members tell me their outrage. he may remember the cell phone video shot on january 1, 2009, in some of that video former bart officer johannes mehserle shoots and kills oscar grant who was on armed. johannes mehserle argued that he accidentally grabbed his gun and fired instead of his taser. the jury sided with his argument and gave him two years behind bars and now after 10 months he said to be released. i talked with the victim's uncle, he said this is about race that's one of the reason why there
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is outrage. >> he should've done 14 years and then maybe he could have addressed this as a family. we openly shared it that we need an apology, we haven't received one. >>j.r.stone: i did try to talk with johannes mehserle family, but they did not respond. i also talked with community members you will hear what some of them had to say about this in my 5:00 store. reporting live, kron 4 news. >>catherine: a follow-up for you a major new effort to find the man who beat up try and has been launched. he brian is the giants fan attacked outside of dodger stadium. in southern california that new campaign to find the suspects will be hard to mess. by the end of the week 200 billboards like this will be going up, plastered with the composite sketch of the two men wanted for the attempted murder by
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the end of the month there will be another 100 billboards. they have a detailed plan right down to a map showing where the 300 billboards will go one southern california. the story of what happened to brian still after the dodgers' opening game has been told many times. the los angeles company felt another big push was needed to keep this story alive. lamar advertising is donating the billboard space, the loss angeles police gave the okay making sure the $100,000 reward it was a big part of the message. as for his condition, doctors have been lowering the amount of seizure medication they've been giving him. so far no seizures for nearly two weeks. doctors say that's good and still may be stable enough to be brought back to a bay area hospital as early as next week. the next dodgers giants game will be wednesday may 18th, the los angeles police will give every fan who enters the
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stadium off our version of the billboard. bride's family is said to be really grateful for this new push to get suspects, anything to get them. the billboards will be up for months. >>pam: police are stepping up controls after a homicide suspect was bought it there. michael is wanted in the fatal shooting of a 24 year- old man in on antioch last december. investigators believe he visited a friend in sacramento yesterday. they searched the room in an interview the student but officers were unable to locate the suspect. police say he is armed and dangerous. livermore police are looking for a man who was pulling down the pants of female joggers. investigators say they're been six cases reported since 2007 with the latest: last month. the suspect description as varied but police are investigating as of the same person is behind all the incidents. livermore police department is urging women to run in pairs and
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groups, carried a cell phone and change their route. >>jacqueline: were seeing mostly sunny skies here of the down along the san mateo coastline and again foggy conditions. we did see widespread fog this morning and it was really slowed to clear. by noon, still plenty of fog over oakland and hayward, down the peninsula and the coast. it is back into the coast at this hour. temperatures are cooler today as a result. temperatures in the upper 50s along the coast, away from the coast today were in the '60s. 68 antioch, 67 fairfield, 68 napa. the change over the last 24 hours is about 10 degrees inland and in the north bay. tonight into tomorrow, the fog will move back into the bay hugging the coast line now, tomorrow morning patchy
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and dense fog it can but it will clear out tomorrow and get a little warmer. we will take a look at those warmer temperatures and rain for your bay to breakers coming up. >>pam: the city of not the public works crew continued to replace the city's main water transmission line after ruptured tuesday afternoon. most customers received a lack of water pressure for two hours. public works officials assured customers the water is safe even though some temporary discoloration may occur. >> your going to get the pressure, you may encounter a little bit of brown water that just because they're starting up the water in existing pipelines. other than that everyone should be back on soon and it should be much of an issue. >>pam: the break occurred at the southwest of the city and flooded a pasture there. commuters who use
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interstate 680 say a new two-lane installed last fall is not reducing congestion as promised. you could see the area on our map. it stretches from highway 84 to highway 237 in milpitas. we turn to were so low reporter charles clifford who is live in fremont where he talked to transportation officials and drivers about the problem. were looking at back up right now charles? >>reporter: what you see is a live picture of the southbound lanes of interstate 680 just before the autumn all. the toll lane is on the left-hand side of that double white line. off to the left is all the evening commute headed north. the problem is occurring during the southbound morning commutes between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.. some drivers are san after this new tool lame one and they're committed has actually gotten longer. >> said it seemed like the traffic was backing up for their here into pleasanton,
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once i got up it took a long time to get to calaveras where it would come in from livermore from 84. it seemed it was confusing how to merge in a once you got up there the traffic stayed in the commuter lane was open. >>reporter: why is this happening? i spoke with a spokesman earlier today and they feel the reason might be in the past year santa clara county has seen the unemployment level dropped from 11.7% to 10.3% possibly meaning that thousands more drivers might be on the road each day the slow down the commute. they also said the toll lane is working just as planned. they're collecting as much money as they hoped and a lot of drivers to use the lelane. back live, the mtc wanted to remind drivers that this lelane it is always 24 hours a day free as an aide joe be laid. in fremont, charles kron 4
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news. >>pam: starting today highway 50 is closed at echo summit and that will stay that way for two weeks. they're going to replace the old rock wall which prevents people from dropping out the side of the cliff with a new modern barrier. here's a map of the area showing the alternate route. it adds up to 35 mi. to the truck from sacramento and even after the road opens delays are expected for about a month. traffic in san francisco, the james lick 8101 split the top of your screen traffic headed toward the lower deck of the bay bridge is the crawl, barely moving and not much better at the bottom of your screen southbound 101 toward the peninsula things moving slow today. we will be right back with more news, weather and traffic in a few moments. sizzler's fall-off-the-bone ribs are slow-cooked with cattlemen's barbecue sauce. get a half-rack with sweet potato fries and corn bread. plus, add our incredible endless salad bar.
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just $29 a month for the first six months -- dvr included. >>pam: the army corps of engineers continues to open up gates of an area spillway and louisiana. so far more than 60 kids have been opened to direct water out
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of the swollen mississippi river. look at what has happened in with the flooding. the still rising river is taking its toll on people in the south of both emotionally and economically. has made it explains, even if you live near the river you may still feel the impact. >>reporter: in cities and towns flooded by the end gorge mississippi river, it could be weeks before the water begins to recede. the flood is taking an emotional toll on residents in the south. >> a big nightmare. >>reporter: 4600 people in the mississippi community can return home. their neighborhood completely flooded. >> some of the houses are completely submerged, some of them, 90 percent have anywhere from four to 6 ft. of water. >>reporter: the floods are also packing and economic gut punch. the casinos which
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generate $85 million a month in taxes are closed. you can see why. this beat we've created a barrier or round the perimeter of our casino. as of right now we remain dry inside of the perimeter. >>reporter: even if you live near the flooding you could still feel it's a fax with millions of acres of farmland under water, grocery prices could be affected. for farmers in arkansas the farm bureau estimates that half billion dollars in losses. >> 50 a. i have to make up somewhere else of 10 to $15,000 off of one field. >>reporter: the price of gas will rise as well as hot water threatens to shut down the louisiana refineries. the national average for gas prices has been hovering around $4 a gallon. in washington, kron 4 news. >>pam: wednesday traffic on the golden gate bridge, northbound in toward iran and that traffic is backing up a bit. in to san
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francisco on the left side of your screen, traffic moving well. we will be back. ♪ you'll run outside
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>>catherine: in world news, the human rights groups that the syrian army has started to shell residential area homes. this is an effort to stop the uprising. activists say 18 people have been killed including an year-old boy. european countries met with syrian ambassadors today threatening new sanctions if the regime fails to halt the bloodshed. two earthquakes hit spain today killing at least 10 people. dozens more injured. dozens of cars badly damaged here. this was the highest quick related death toll in spain in more than 50 years. the first quake was a 4.4 in the second of 5.2. the usgs said spain has about 2500 quake's a year only a handful are noticed. at the trial has been delayed again for the two americans being held in iran on espionage
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charges. iranian officials are not explaining the latest delay. shane and josh along with the fiancee were arrested during a hiking trip in 2009. sera on the right has been released since then all three deny the espionage charges against them. >>jacqueline: fog was a pretty big deal but there this morning. tomorrow we will see it briefly but it is expected to clear. temperatures in the upper '40's and low 50s. temperatures will warm over what we saw today getting back into the '70s and in the number of places. temperatures for tomorrow, we will see warmer conditions and land and back in the south bay and the north bay temperatures will warm a few degrees for bay shores, 64 oakland, 67 redwood city, 75 fairfield and 72 los gatos. if let's
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get torbay to breakers forecast, there will be rain for sunday morning all through the day. cloudy and cool conditions steady light rain could see more moderate rate in the morning as well. temperatures by the time to get to the finish line at 55 degrees. cool conditions throughout the race. future cast, a little problem with that as well but we will see rain into the morning and lasting all the way through the day on sunday. your extended forecast, mild conditions over the next few days, the weekend cool, cloudy and wet. a chance for a lingering rain into monday. next week conditions will improve. >>catherine: rob is back. let's look at your e-mail's. the first one is from anthony, he says is there a good site for variable annuities? >>rob: know. i'm not a big
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variable annuity fan. --no. it should be sold to wealthy people when they're younger. >>catherine: that's not that many people. >>rob: exactly. there an insurance product, they're not monitored by the fcc and they should be. >>catherine: where they good for anybody? >>rob: for good for wealthy people. let's say i'm wealthy, because i like to pretend. he backs of your 401k. what else you do? you had $100,000 of bank, to enter thousand, you need other alternatives for tax deferral. it's an alternative. variable life insurance is a component of
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variable annuities. >>catherine: the bottom line answer for anthony is no don't do it. >>rob: on lesser wealthy. >>catherine: chok said it should i get umbrella insurance? >>rob: the cool thing about insurance, you insure what you can afford, you insure your life when your wife and children need during come. in this case and insurers things above and beyond what you might claim. let's say i drive home tonight i had a car with four attorneys and a. i car insurance will not cover that, i'll have to render thousand dollars on that. i get another million- dollar policy and will cover any damages or claims that goes above your typical insurance. it's incredibly cheap and you and i can't get it because were celebrities. you admit the kidnappers of for some reason we don't qualify for umbrella insurance but the average person who started to cry a lot of guelph they should protect that wealth in the worst-case scenario.
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but say i drive home and i had at truck that has a trailer with 10 bmws. or i cause an accident that causes for five other cars, you get sued and lose all your money. >>catherine: if you want to send rob an e-mail we will show you the address it is, stay with us more news after the break.
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>>pam: days away from the 100 that is also bay to breakers. we have a team coverage of the event. here's the key with more. >>vicki: it's the 100th running of this that's so bay to breakers in kron 4 has exclusive coverage. pam more will host along with gary run niche. james kick
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off at the starting line, we will have cameras and crews as well. henry will be at the pastry shell, vern we'll be right alongside the runners and i'll be out there fine to the wildest and wacky as costumes. jacqueline bennett will see what the finish line. it sounds a bit a breaker sunday morning may 15th starting at 8:00 a.m. three here on kron 4. >>pam: you can also watch for replay of our coverage that same night at 7:00 p.m., this sunday may 15th right here on kron 4. now, here is a look at the traffic. the right side of your screen northbound traffic headed into marin, traffic flowing smoothly into san francisco. the james lick in san francisco quite slow. the bottom of your screen southbound 101 traffic towards the peninsula. the bay bridge toll plaza no problem. kron 4 news at 5:00 is next. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days,
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>>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 5:00. >>pam: new video of alleged san francisco police misconduct. the city's public defenders said it shows an illegal search and seizure, not the first. we've seen several showing officers entering hotels and homes. tonight at 5:00, we explain what the latest video and we hear from the people targeted in the searches. kron 4 grant as begins our coverage of live from san francisco. >>grant: the public defender's office said this is the fifth video they have released since march. that shows police misconduct. the public defender's calling on the new police chief to implement as zero tolerance policy. the public defendant on covered more troubling surveillance video showing san francipo


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